Thursday, June 23, 2016

Staffing Services Can Help Job Seekers Gain Employment

With offices across the United States, Automation Personnel Services, Inc. is a leader in light industrial staffing services. The staffing industry is growing. Companies need reliable, skilled, motivated employees to fill open positions. They often hire a staffing company, like Automation Personnel Services, Inc. to meet those needs.

Many of the job seekers who apply to work for a staffing firm would like to obtain long-term employment. Temporary employment is often a successful avenue to access full-time placement and work experience. Research shows that 34 percent of contract or temporary employees were offered permanent employment through their temporary assignment, and 66 percent accepted the offer while working for a staffing agency.

A partnership with the staffing company can facilitate a job opportunity because staffing companies typically have extensive networks of established employers. Job seekers interested in flexible work opportunities may enjoy working through a staffing service as well. Working for a staffing company allows job seekers to gain experience and try different locations. Almost 90 percent of workers indicated that their relationship with a staffing agency and the experience they gained made them more employable.

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