Friday, March 10, 2017

Mistakes to Avoid during a Job Interview

With 33 offices throughout the United States, Automation Personnel Services, Inc. works with employers and job seekers to help match qualified talent with the labor demands across multiple industries, including textile production, automotive, and manufacturing. 

In addition to submitting a complete application, each job seeker is screened through an interview by an Automation Personnel Services Talent Coordinator to allow for better matching of candidates to employer job criteria. Applicants may also be required to interview with the client company prior to being offered a job assignment. If you are a job seeker, here are some mistakes to avoid during the interview process. 

1. Not Researching the Company Before the Interview - This shows the interviewer that you do not care about the role or the people you would be working with. A sound strategy is to look toward recent news to find information about projects the company is working on, while also figuring out how your skills can help the employer grow. 

2. Speaking Negatively About a Previous Employer - This is considered more a reflection on you than it is the employer. Remember that an interviewer is assessing your personality as well as your skills and may choose not to hire you if you come across as disruptive or unable to follow instruction. 
3. Failing to Engage with the Interviewer – The way you respond to the interviewer’s questions demonstrates your engagement in the interview process. Asking questions during your interview is just as important. Don’t confuse an interview with an interrogation. An interview is a business conversation that your engagement is a vital part of.

4. Waiting for a Call - Although this mistake isn’t made during the interview, this common notion to wait for the employer to call you after an interview can be a determining factor for being hired. Time is your enemy after the interview, and your follow up is key. Automation Personnel Services encourage all applicants to follow up after an interview and also to call in weekly to our on-call list with your availability for temporary placement opportunities. Assume that everyone you meet with has some say in the hiring process so always be respectful and patient during your follow-up calls. Your goal should be to stay top of mind well after the interview is over.

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